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Martin Oxby  
Web Designer // Internet Marketer // Website & SEO Trainer

Hi there - I'm Martin Oxby.
Welcome to my digital home-from-home. For those of you who don't know me,
I am an Inverness-based website designer and developer with a passion for making websites uniquely-built and marketed in a way to do your business long-term good.

As part of Summit Web Solutions, my vision is to do good to the local area and to positive impact the economy of the Highlands of Scotland. As part of that,
I want businesses in the Highlands to have the best web presence possible.

This might be a new website design or more a streamlined Internet Marketing campaign or promotion via local SEO.
I can support you either as a consultant, or I can come and train your team in-house - whichever works best for you.

Growing Over Time

I am starting this site small and will be periodically adding to it, so to grow it over time. This might mean you come across a few glitches, or responsive design issues, while I ensure the site is well-established! If you would like to know more about how I can help you and your website why not arrange to meet for a brew?

Transforming Ideas into Website Designs
I love being given a complex
idea for a website, so if this
is you, let's have a brew and
see how best to build it.
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Effective Internet Marketing
Effective marketing has
always been about reaching
your audience in a variety of
ways. This still applies today.
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Public Speaking and Training
I would be honoured to
help you to manage your
website or your internet
marketing better.

Let's Meet Up

To learn more about me, why not have a read through Who Am I?, or why not get in touch or let's meet up for a brew? We don't even have to talk business, because I love coffee and making connections!

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